IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell)

Sr. No Name Of The Members Designation
1 Dr. Sitaram Soni Vice Chancellor (Chairperson)
2 Dr. Rakhi Bajpai Member, Assistant Professor, SLAS
3 Mr. Rajesh Ubale Member, Associate Professor, SCMR
4 Mr. Mohit Sahu Member, Assistant Professor, SER
5 Ms. Shanta Das, Member Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
6 Ms. Disha Pande Member, Assistant Professor, School of Law
7 Mr. Rajeev Pandey Member, Deputy General Managerr,Administration
8 Mr. Ameya Jani HOD, SHTM
9 Mr. Vikas Bhonsle Deputy Registrar
10 Dr. Nitin Jaiswal Coordinator, Assistant Professor-SER

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